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I memorized both Hiragana and katakana but....

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I still takes a while to read a Japanese translated words... I want that I instantly know it's character meaning like it's "Re" or "ho" immediately. Some characters I instantly recognized like "ka" Hiragana but only the few characters, most it takes few seconds to recognize each character. Any tips to easily recognized the characters Immediately? Also is kanji should be learn if you want to learn Japanese? Thank you! Im from Philippines by the way.


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I'd recommend getting a set of flash cards and just drill.  There's apps for the kana and kanji that will help with that.

The kana are pretty easy, but the kanji will take quite a while, especially if you want to be able to write it.  There's only 40 or so characters each in the katakana and hiragana.  There's over 2500 kanji characters, most with multiple "readings".  

You might want to find some JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) study aids to help tackle the kanji.  It groups the kanji into "levels" from most to least used. Level N5 "only" has few hundred kanji in it.  That's is considered the minimum level to be proficient in Japanese but is a lot less intimidating than going after all 2500 kanji at once.  If you're still interested in pursuing it after getting N5 down then you can go after the higher levels.

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Find associations. I had a tutor who would tell us things like "ku looks like Pacman, and he makes a kukukuku sound". You could probably look online if you struggle with that for any of them, or I have an amazing book which does it for each and every hiragana and katakana called "Japanese HIRAGANA & KATAKAN for Beginners" by Timothy G. Stout

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