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You're opinion of "Emo" music?


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So "Emo" music has consistently been my favorite kind of music for years now, and while "Emo" may not necessarily sum up the sound of the music it is what most people would call the bands I like. Seeing as in my household my music taste is disputed by many of my siblings as well as my parents, mainly for the sound as most of them do agree the lyrics are meaningful. 

So, with such bands as My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Twenty one Pilots, Icon for Hire, La Dispute, and Fallout Boy in mind what would you say you're opinion of "Emo" music is based off of sound and lyric quality. 

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I love it. Got into MCR fairly late (like, last year late 🤷‍♀️), and I love their lyrics and sound. I like how their lyrics have a 'hopeful' vibe to it, which not many 'emo' bands do.
I also like other genres and artists that get called "emo", like metalcore, deathcore and the whole shebang.

Having your taste be disputed is something I kind of went through as well, when I got into the whole extreme metal scene. Ye olde "this isn't music" and everything related to that. Eventually I just stopped caring about what others thought, and make jokes about it myself.
Music is one of the most subjective things there is, and tastes are personal. Listen to anything you like, and don't let others bring you down for it.

Also, if you don't know them yet, here are some bands you might enjoy, based off of the names you listed:
- Senses Fail
- Funeral For A Friend
- Story Of Hope
- Foreground Eclipse
- At The Drive In


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Listened to this genre a lot in middle and high school. I also really liked Panic! At the Disco, saw MSI in concert, they were fantastic live, same with HIM. Listened to The Used, Hawthorne Heights, Good Charlotte, Dashboard Confessional, The Offspring, Fallout Boy, and Flyleaf... So yea, I liked the scene/emo music but also metal bands etc.

I think that a lot of emo/scene music can be hard to listen to, because of the overly whiney voices some songs can have. There are only a select few songs from most bands that I truly listen to rather than whole albums, because some things are easy turn offs for me. Lyrics talking about suicide I feel can be both good and bad. I think for those listening into someone elses life experienes or views that they get to understand things more if they have never experienced them. For those who have experienced things similar, or are dealing with periods of depression or loss, loneliness, or other forms of grief (heck just life in HS period) creative outlets can give them a sense of belonging and connection to something. Processing our feelings is a big part of moving on. So I think this type of music can be beneficial. I think it is sneered at by others, or at least would feel a little judged if I put on emo music in my car for others to hear.. It just feels like more of a private or at least a type of music best listened to with a group that has similar interests or are going through the same types of things. Like.. if we were all going to the concert together, totally.. go for it.

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