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I usually have a form for these sort of things but I have since lost my usual images that contain all my rules and regulations for requests so I'm going to give the text version for now and potentially update later. I also don't have any examples not that I'm a big fan of putting examples in an opening and rather prefer the filled requests to simply fill that role, but I'm currently living in boxes with my primary computer in one of those boxes, the image hosting site I used to use went by the wayside and I don't like putting everything on Deviant Art for reasons.

First off let me say I am but a humble image editor and by that I mean I won't be drawing any original characters or poses for characters so I'm offering backgrounds, blends, and tweaks. Until I see what kind of business this shop gets we'll limit it to one request at a time. I typically try for a turn around of under a week pending on my real life schedule as I do this as a method to kill some free time rather than as a priority. As mentioned later cutting out a character takes a longer and even if you are higher in the queue your request may take longer to fill as I can only stand cutting out a character for so long at a time. When I fulfill requests generally more information the better, I'm about as creative as a rock by default and it gets worse if I don't know the character in question. I have a preference to avoid using what I call collage resources by default this includes the use of C4Ds, Fractals, Pre-made backgrounds, Pre-made brushes and prefer to use the character itself to create the background which helps match color schemes and vary the pieces, but I will use the mentioned resources upon requests for instance if you simply want a character blended to another image that'd be fine. C4D style images tend to be the most popular style and the most requested in my past shops and I have a fair supply of them on hand at any given time irregardless of my feelings toward their use. By default unless otherwise specified I use a widescreen style border.

To request a signature I need the following:
1) Character - Image would be preferable to get the pose you want, but the name of a character is fine. *The caveat is if the character has a background in the image it's going to take a longer time as I'll have to remove the current background and in cutting out an image they will need to be of a decent size to make a decent cut. Additionally if the character is cut off anywhere in the selected image they will remain cut off, while I can compensate somewhat for a cut off image if it's missing a large chunk of it's going to be that much harder and trying to match large pieces missing from the character will be too difficult to match accurately.*
2) Text - I don't like text personally, but if you want it to say anything it should go without saying I need to know what you want it to say. *You can also add the text yourself if you want or take it elsewhere to have text added I don't care*

Optional adds:
1) Style - An image in the style you'd like would be better than a description. I've had moderate success mimicking certain looks, but do note I make no promises when attempting a copy as I'd be simply eyeballing something and guessing how they made it. *Certain styles may have specific requirements of the character used in them to match most accurately*
2) Color Preference - I'm willing to gear an image towards a specific color scheme if possible this would also be where you include if you want an image in sepia tone, black and white, or color splash (For instance if you just want certain aspects of the image a certain color most commonly used for eyes and light aspects matching the eye color)
3) Size - I default to a 500 x 200 canvas with the end result typically being cropped in some way shape or form to 450 x 150, I much prefer a smaller canvas, but am willing to go larger if need be.
4) Font - I'm willing to download specific fonts if they're from a reputable and free to use site.

Usage Policy:
I don't care if you visibly credit me or where you use it if using it offsite all I ask is if they ask where you got it you refer them back to me.

Edit Policy:
I am willing to edit requests if something is a bit off with a few exceptions:
1) If the bare minimum information was giving in the initial request and you're looking for something specific after the fact it'll be treated as a new request not an edit.
2) If you want a complete turn around from what you initially requested it will be treated as a new request not an edit.
3) If the amount of edits starts becoming extremely large I'm more likely to simply recommend you look elsewhere or try a new request instead of continuing to edit the request.

***Important Notes***
I am over 18 and am not a prude, I will take requests involving TASTEFUL nudity (we'll call that ruling anything that isn't okay in an R-rated movie at worst)  however these requests should only be made via pms. If requesting a character from a hentai or like material you must include the TASTEFUL image and ONLY the tasteful image again via PMs. Whilst I'm not against tasteful images that doesn't mean I want to go searching for them to try to find an acceptable image either. I will censor the aforementioned tasteful images by removing details that are expressly forbidden by MAL for example, but I do not guarantee doing so will make them appropriate for use there or here (This forum has a no R18 policy) and am not responsible should you attempt to use them anywhere and get into trouble with the staff, that argument is between you and the staff wherever it may be. You do not have to feel obligated to use a result you end up not liking, I won't be offended, but if you know you don't like my work don't make a request. Please no blanket requests (requesting the same thing here as you're requesting in other shops), this is both for me and out of respect for others who take the time to fill the request. I DO NOT usually do animations as requests, these are largely time consuming, I don't really enjoy doing it and they are frequently complicated when they're attached to requests so as a general rule I just say DO NOT expect animation if however you want to include a request for a simple animation I may include it, but do not expect it.


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Dug up some examples that still existed on my out of use image hosting sites just to add to the thread to hopefully get it going a bit initially.

C4D formed background typically the most requested style.

Smudge formed background with C4D accents.

Simple merger of two images, extremely popular during my brief stint on a forum centered around a sort of tactical card game (I don't think you can play it anymore) as people wanted to use cards as their signatures but the cards weren't of the proper size and shape and often cut off on one or more sides. The voil (the bat character) is one images and the background is a free use photo of a dessert recolored to match the color scheme of the voil.


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