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I'm writing a love letter to old-school games like Pokemon and Monster Rancher and I need your help


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I'm extremely excited to announce I've just launched a kickstarter for my soon-to-be game: Monster Soul, an homage to old school monster-collection games being brought to Steam.

This is a true passion project for me and my friends, and we've been pouring effort into this for over a year now building an engine that can support our massive vision.

Monster Soul will feature an enormous map, over 200 monsters, a deep battle system that relies on more than rock/paper/scissors, online competitive and non-competitive battles with a global ladder system, a more mature story, monster breeding, monster followers, real time days and seasons, peaceful ways to advance and what we've dubbed 'Locke Mode' featuring a randomized starting monster, permadeath for monsters beaten badly enough and severely limited utilities.

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