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DA Lesson: Banish the boggart above you


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Post a description of the shape a boggart could take when a witch or wizard faces them. 

The witch or wizard below will step in and banish them by making the boggart ridiculous.


I’ll start off the class:

The boggart takes the shape of 1000 spiders 🕷 🕷🕷

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*Cruck (Me) is pushed forward by Arkados (Muco). Realising that he is now unable to turn and go back, he attempts to act cool by taking a deep breath*

....Alrighty then...Geez thats a lot of the creepy crawlies....

...*Steadies wand* Ridiculous!

*The boggarts swarming form of a thousand spiders hastily transforms into little hopping Bertie Bott's every flavour beans*

...Heh, look at the little blighters go!

*As Cruck is told to step away, the boggart transforms into a blast-ended skrewt*

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Oh shoot!! I definitely want to run

Uhmmmmmmmm, Riddikulus!!

The boggart turns into a daikon radish. 

Whew! That’s better 🤤


As Seshi steps to the back of the line the boggart now takes the shape of a whomping willow, its branches tearing through the room.

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