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Can our dream become true?


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I am new to this forum and I would love it to introduce myself to everyone. 

We are two young girls who came together under the name Matakenuva. We wish to make a living with our passion for anime and manga, so we decided to delicate ourself to make our dream of becoming mangakas true and to have our manga animated. We know it sounds stupid but we decided to go this path and decided to accept this hurdle. We thought joining this forum could help us to interact with people who loves anime and manga’s like us and this might help us to come up with story’s. But the real problem is drawing :( 


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@Matakenuva Hello, welcome to Anime Forums.
That sounds like a special commitment to both of you. I fully encourage you both to dedicate yourselves to it, if it truly is your dream.
By all means, explore and interact in the forums at will, and do not hesitate asking questions.

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