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Belated Hello!


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Hi all!
I joined almost a month ago but a load of stuff happened and I completely forgot about introducing myself. >.>

Believe it or not, I'm not particularly familiar with forums, but look forward to finally figuring out how to not be a loner! (\(^o^)/)

A bit about myself, let's see........
I enjoy anime/manga of all kinds, constantly have to balance between devoted and obessed.
I enjoy writing and pencil drawing, tho I have the self-doubt most artists have.

Speaking of, I'll be doing a chose your own adventure story based on Madoka Magica in the creative corner, so pop over there if you're interested in that.


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Welcome to AF. I hosted that other interactive story, but it's on indefinite hiatus for now. There are multiple reasons, but the biggest one is that the people who have previously participated in that story are now AWOL from AF. (The next biggest being that I'm just not interested in it anymore.)

I bid you good luck on yours. I would join, but I haven't even started Madoka Magicka. I've always wanted to pick it up, but I've a got a huge chunk of other works to burn through.

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