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MHA Chibi Art Contest

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My Hero Academia Chibi Art Contest

Welcome, A-F! To our latest and greatest creative arts contest. In anticipation of what is without question the most anticipated season of My Hero Academia yet, we have decided to host a friendly contest for all our members to join in.


Contest Details: Submit a chibi version of your favorite My Hero Academia character. chibi-cat.png.bb0a6eb7f0c5c8d375f92b9a886d9ecf.png Submissions can be digitally made or otherwise made using your preferred art medium. We will be accepting submissions here from the time this thread was posted, until Tuesday, October 1st. Judging will take place the day after.

 gold.png.a99955c73048b15f2b1ce65ade51dade.png Winners Booty:

1st. Place: 2,500 Points

2nd. Place: 1,500 Points

Most importantly, have fun creating!


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Posted (edited)

Well, I'll start things off with a little mini Toga. :D

Only really just starting to learn how to do pixel art really, so I thought it was an ample excuse to make something :3 although go easy on me ;-;

(One big one and one small one)


925818280_Togachibi-1.png.png.edc72b73ec042a59a70470beb4a10e84.pngToga chibi-1.png (1).png

Edited by Xyro
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Everyone! Thank you so much for viewing our lovely contest, please come back and make some submissions!

I hope that we can see your chibis and your love for our hero’s in this upcoming season of My Hero Academia.

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