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What book are you currently reading?

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On 11/1/2017 at 9:22 AM, SleepyLeoulf said:

Hero: Rescue Mission by: Jennifer Li Shotz

Been SUPER excited to read this book since I've been waiting months for it to come out. 

Like I said before I'm still SUPER excited that I'm reading this book, so far its good as always and I'm sucked right back into the world of Hero. I really enjoy the series quiet a lot since its pretty easy to read, flows well and the characters are well developed enough to understand and picture in your head when reading the book. Probably not for everyone but I rather enjoy it and find it interesting for a book and now a fan of the series / author. I really hope the ending will end on a happy note since I think this is the last of the Hero series.. Then later on the author is writing Scouts story next and series of books about him. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves dogs the type who serve our county, police the streets,  use for therapy companions, or search and rescuing people for disasters. I'll see how it ends soon. *picks it up and reads some more* <3

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On 12/2/2017 at 11:36 PM, ItsSammy said:

Oh, how are you finding the Tokyo Ghoul mangas, @Vivi Hyuuga? I've read a few, up to season two actually.

I'm really liking them! I've seen the first season of the series, but I heard that season two was a real let down, so I decided to read the manga instead so I wouldn't be disappointed. I'm currently on volume eight. Really anticipating seeing what happens next!

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