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Yearning for Fall


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Besides the upcoming anime lineup that we normally look forward to, what are your favorite things about the coming of the Fall season?

For me, it’s a time of campfires, early mornings on the porch, bundled up and wrapping my hands around a warm cup of coffee, or hot cocoa. A time to see the fall leaves 🍁 changing color, my favorite to see is red. Halloween excitement, and thanksgiving plans. To me this seems like the most fun season. I guess for me, it’s the season with the most memories.

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Fall is my favorite season. I actually like the temperature on the brisk side. Usually not cold enough for a coat, just a sweatshirt or hoodie.  And usually not much rain. Nicer to spend time outdoors since most of the bugs die or go to sleep. The air usually smells nice to, be especially in the mornings evenings. I don’t get to enjoy the changing leaves as much now that I live in town have to raje them, but at least I don’t have to worry about mowing. I don’t enjoy football as much as I did when I was younger, but it’s still nostalgic. I love decorating for Halloween and watching themed movies and anime. Usually not actual horror, but supernatural stuff or dealing with legends folklore. Or stuff with dark humor (Beetlejuice, Nightmare before Christmas, Paranorman). Gonna attempt to finally get through all of Higurashi (including Rei & Kai) again this year.

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Might be odd but fall means 3 things to me.. “pumpkin spice” in everything, “Santa Ana” winds, and spiders. 🕷️ 🕸️   

Last year there was a massive orb-weaver that insisted on building/rebuilding her web on our porch right at the top of the steps down to the driveway.  The web huge, and tough enough that you could hear it tear if you were unlucky enough to rush out the door and down the steps without watching where you were going.  I’m usually fine with spiders and creepy-crawlies in general but having to disentangle the remains of a giant web from around ones head and shoulders while wondering where the angry spider who used to live there is currently located is definitely not my idea of fun.  😱

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Fall/autumn happens to be my favorite season and my favorite holiday also happens to occur during fall (Halloween). The colorful leaves that crunch under my feet, the crisp air, the pumpkins sitting outside people's homes, cozying up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot coa coa while watching Halloween movies, decorating my home in all of the spooky-ness that I can. Also around that time my fiance is home from his job until Spring. 


I'll take fall/autumn over any other season; including summer (you heard me right, lol). 🍂🍁🥮

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On 7/26/2020 at 10:27 PM, Zila said:

One night, it was raining and I was inside a Starbucks, sitting at the window. It was near a crosswalk and the scene was absolutely magical. People passing with their umbrellas, the street lights glittered in puddles on the blacktop, the Coffee House Jazz in the background.

What a scene you've painted here. I can smell the cool rain and coffee beans and picture ritzy little multi-colour lights reflecting off of puddles. There's something so uniquely cozy about autumn.

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