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The Sky is a rather vast place far of reach for some of us. I've seen some astounding sky views in my life and my mood tends to be easily influenced by the sky. 

Did you ever look up on the sky and thought about putting it on camera? Any favorite place where you like to look up on the sky, for example at nights or sun dawns? It could be your childhood hangout place or just from the balcony of your apartment, while you reminisce about the past. Whatever it is - Feel free to share your current view of the sky.

Of course, you can do this with just your smartphone or any other device of your choice. (I believe the quality of the camera in smartphone's are quite capable of these days)

I will be starting with the first one, taken from my balcony. As you see, some of the last sun rays of the day are hidden away by the clouds.





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All the time... This one was more a picture of the ocean, flat as a lake, but the sky made a nice contrast.



This one with the sun hiding just behind the foliage.



One of my favorites...multiple hues of blue, that make a perfect background for my favorite tree (the pines).



Then...during the storm...or rather, before the storm, in the outer bands. It was too dark for pictures when the hurricane finally hit.

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Here's something more recent.. the hike in from the parking lot at work:



And another oldie.. hiking the hills above my neighborhood:

I almost didn't go hiking that day because it totally looked like rain at the parking-lot level.  Even while climbing I kept thinking it was a bad idea.  The hills around here are decayed granite, and big chunks tend to come off and go rolling down the hillside at the slightest provocation.  Parts of the trail are only a few feet wide too.. not much room to dodge, and a good chance that parts of it will be missing.  Fortunately that day the worst that happened was a heavy drizzle, and the view once you worked your way above the clouds was wonderful.

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I liked the ocean one from @Beocat and the one taken atop the hill by @efaardvark. I wonder how it would look like if it were to be taken at night, with all the stars shining. 

Lately, I had the idea of visiting the Television tower (highest building of the city) and take a picture of the sunset. Will probably do it soon as this thread lacks beautiful sunsets/sunrises.

@Beocat @efaardvark @Seshi Let's see who can catch the most beautiful sunset, are you in? Anybody is welcome to participate. 


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