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Does Anyone Want To Make A Mystery Story?

Ryan Dave Jimenez

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So I am working on a new project. A motion webtoon (motion webcomic).

Think of it as a colored manga with some animation. Not 100% animated but not static pictures either.

And here is the synopsis: 



The Hiroo Senior High School’s detective club is in trouble!! They are in danger of being disbanded for lack of club activity. For a detective club they don't really solve anything. Not because they're lazy or inept, but there just isn't anything to solve. That is until one day, when they find a mysterious notebook left behind by a student who supposedly transferred schools.

I already discussed this in detail in a AF blog post that can be found here: 

Now I haven't watched Hyouka yet. Heck I just learned (thanks to this club) that Hyouka is similar to my story synopsis.

I don't watch a lot of mystery anime but I do enjoy the genre.

So I'm thinking if anyone wants to collaborate in creating a mystery that the four club members will solve? I have some ideas but I don't know which one to pursue.

I also don't know how to write a mystery. I just know that you have to work backwards. Start from the end and work your way in reverse.


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