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Blue Dragon

Carole and Tuesday

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@Seshi I agree, I'm glad that her design wasn't something formulaic to being an unnerving character. Love her creation and direction. I think it's a good example of making a character effectively creepy without blatancy. 



Finished season/part two and I definitely found it more interesting than the first. While Pyotr's song Love Yourself, along with his carefree energy, gave me the feels. This time around, it was Desmond and the feel-good was doubled!

One of my favorite things about the second half of the series: 



Was Ertegun's fall from grace. Completely underestimated this character and by the end, I had a great deal more appreciation for him. Not only did it take him through a brief journey of self-reflection but damn, Ertegun was pretty determined and everything he accomplished was something he had earned from scratch. He evolved over the years, followed the ever-changing flow of his passion. I mean, thinking back he gave Roddy a ton of leeway when he could have fired him at any given time. Then there was that beatboxing at his expense. Enjoyed the duel viewpoints of failure and success that were produced by his mentality as well. This character faced himself with the serious challenge of overcoming his fears and securing his place/career again. Very intriguing that they were able to take a flashy, arrogant, self-centered portrayal and strip it down to something more rewarding in a short amount of time.

Ertegun also became a bold contrast to Flora. Something I always admired about Watanabe's creative administration, was getting into independent conveyances between characters. I felt for Flora's reasons of retirement and felt for Ertegun's conclusion of survival, within the same industry that both gave and took from them. It's a very connective experience.


Aside from the beautiful and tedious rotoscoping process⁠—I'm always grateful for the musical, lyrical, and dance assembly Watanabe can get heavily involved with. He has such a wide scope of genres and cultural statements. Ezekiel's songs are my favorite this time around. 

I'm still not sure about the political influence in this second half of the anime. On one hand, it fits the genre. Artists, celebrities and popular influencers are the most vocal about political issues because their platforms generally allow them to be. They're also the most targeted for their freedom of articulation because of that. Reminds me of John Lennon's public affairs having such an impact on the times. However, on the other, I'm kind of spent on all the social and political material being woven into various things lately. Personally, it made the series' ending a bit flat for me. It was no longer about Carole and Tuesday's journey, nor about the various artists we were introduced to. It's a shame that more focus was placed on presidential candidacy and government scandal. Rather than the development of characters that were pivotal to the initial storytelling. I wanted to learn more about Gus' past. What's Roddy's story? Let's get more invested in his abilities as a sound technician, something! What was it like for Crystal starting out? What exactly were her struggles and ties with other artists? If Joshua was heavily influential, why not flesh him out? I think it was a missed opportunity to explore his anxiety and substance abuse as a means to medicate.

My biggest disappointment was any background extension of Tao. There were so many things they could have done with him.


Instead, they opted out for a bizarre plot about his involvement in human experimentation. It was vague, with no tangibility and used to resolve an even more bizarre and needless connection to Angela.

With so little known about Tao, it was a real bummer when it was decided that he should be suppressed further away from any personal unfolding. That said, I truly like how they kept him appealing with a dimensionally simplistic personality. More importantly, how they never compromised him with a commonplace change of heart, so frequently out of place for character's of his type. Tao stuck with his rational and often aloof behavior to the end because it's part of that character. With the topic of change explored several times in the show, it's nice to have a bit of divergence in Tao.

At this moment I haven’t looked into the possibility of a season/part three. I'm not sure if I currently like the idea or not. I would have to think it over! It would be great to delve into certain characters and resolve things that feel unfinished. At the same time, a lot can be left up to the imagination. A principle Watanabe formula. Regardless, I like the show for what it is. ✌️😁

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