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The History Kid

THK's Kind of Uniform Schedule of History Blarghs

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I'm going to try to include AF in my daily essay writings to stay fresh for my academic essays and articles.  I share some of this stuff on my site first, the really dense stuff, but others will get posted here first.  I won't bore you all with the lines that get drawn between the two.  In some rare cases, I might have a research piece that gets posted over there, so nothing would get posted here that day unless there's high demand for it.

Generally, I will try to post an item Monday thru Saturday when time allows.  No postings on holidays.  

Update 07 Oct 19: Due to three classes ongoing, I am moving postings temporarily to once every other day. (M/W/F)  This schedule will continue thru December.


I generally don't do sourcing when I post general writeups online - however, I am more than amicable to those who would like more info.  (An exclusion to this are what are referred to as "gray papers" - interchangeable with research pieces.)


As a historian, I am used to talking to myself, but I'd rather not - so please feel emboldened to respond, debate, argue, and throw things at any of the topics I have out there that you want.  A Ph.D doesn't make you the definitive authority, and even if it did - I don't have one...yet.

Also, please feel free to post interesting things on your own.   Again, I'm used to talking to myself, but dialogues are so much more interesting.

Currently On My List: (Updated each Sunday), Last on: 20 October 2019

  • Treaties & World War I
  • Melting Down at Chernobyl
  • The Battles of Credit Island and Campbell's Island
  • The Battles of Okinawa and Iwo Jima
  • Music's Relationship with Vietnam
  • The Legends of Mesoamerica
  • Brrrt Junior: The Vulcan Cannon

Classifications Used:

Quick Facts - These are quickly typed up facts that really are just being pulled out of my mind.  I usually try not to spend more than a few minutes typing them up and will do so when I just don't have the time to dedicate what I need to the topic.  Almost all Quick Facts will be revisited at some point.

Repub - These are documents that I've previously published for work.  As such, they didn't take any time to provide.  These are my "last minute - oh crap" kind of posts, and I'll try to keep them to a minimum.

Cross Section - Cross Sections are something I'm entertaining of bringing to AF.  These are on historical items that require some very in depth analysis.  Since some of those analyses require some technical information, I'm still debating whether or not they will appear here.

Arc - Arc's are series of topics within a certain overarching subject.  This is another one that I'm not sure if I'll use.

Capstone - These are subjects that will include a large swatch of resources, images, and citation.  This was spurred by suggestion, and I'm currently evaluating the resources that would be necessary to commit to such an endeavor in connection with the amount of time I have available. 

Standard - Run of the mill research articles that are designed to make you go "hmmm."

You can feel free to make suggestions here as well.  Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this stuff that I write up.  These aren't Wiki pulls, they actually do take some time to write up and validate before posting.  Enjoy!

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