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What are the most intriguing or interesting names?


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What would y'all say are the most meaningful/memorable or pretty names you've seen or heard of?

One of my all-time favourite a is Dagonheart, although I am a big sucker for any complex, formal or intriguing names, such as Elizabeth, Celestia, Jessica, exedra

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Jakob Johann von Uexküll (that thing from FlipFlappers has the name of the title)

Wenzel. Knew someone with that name (weird guy - knocked out his own tooth with a defibrillator) and I just liked that name. Used to be a name that many German noble men in the 17th to the early 19th century had.

Or ancient names like Aeneid, Cicero (if you want to pronounce it like he did, it's probably more like Kikero), Kafka, Æthelstan, Parzival (or the more 'modern' Percival)

Especially Fairefiz, literally means 'colorful sun'.

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