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It's been a long time... since I felt like a part of something? I need more flavors of life than the numb feeling on my tongue... and I dont really know how to find/reach for the things I want.... I just want to know and be known in a community filled with  creativity and stimulus... so here I am... trying to find...trying to take that longing and feel okay with it.

My name is Joshua. Though please call me Rin. I'll be giving as much energy into finding  you as possible...and well reading  this you've  found me. Is what you want similar? 



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I dont typically reply in Bulk but... here goes <.<

Also just as a general note. I've been sprawling  the forums and it's pretty big? Any tips on some other places to start?

-GliiterSpring- To be honest I just like your name and that picture o.o 

-SanguineTear-Thanks so much! Me too!

-Illusion of Terra- An unoriginal remark can be wildly refreshing from a new face. 

-Seshi-Halloween themed or are you always on witches? And thank you !!

-efaardvark- I actually have no idea what to do with that/what you mean. 

-ohiotaku- Dont worry you're exactly the kind of person I'm looking for! Rant on my friend

-any tips on inserting images itm allows me to attach afterward but cant get URLs to work. 

Konachan.com - 287697 animal barefoot black_hair braids dress fish long_hair ponytail psd red_eyes signed space stars vocaloid vocaloid_china yuezheng_ling.jpg

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