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Dream Dreams.


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Dream Dreams.


In a world full of melancholy, I could not sit around
Just watching every day pass as the world turned upside down
It was my wish to make it, create it, and build it up from the ground
A magical moment, a mystical sound, a thriving ocean in which for us to drown!

Behind the glass lay the desolate kingdom of smog
Humanity let the world rot and vanish in the fog
But I built a new one, a perfect prologue
To the pre-post-present world of my own monologue!

With magic and whimsy alight in the air
And perfect pink parasols light and fair
I started a tune and didn't stop there
For I needed a song so impossibly rare ...

With my mind on over time I wrote a symphony
Lyrics over lines shall play for all eternity
And to this perfect tune I spin dizzily
'Round and 'round into infinity!

Dreams on dreams creating dreamy dreams of dreaming 
Every time I close my eyes my mind is teeming
With so many dreams I could never stop screaming
Lyrics and lines, dreams and visions eternally streaming!

Forget the world I left behind so many years ago
I used to lose my mind on alibis and eternally insolent woe
But, as you may be able to tell, I've learned to let it all go
Lose my woe on this eternally imperfectly perfect one-man show!

With so many thoughts running through my mind
I have to find the time to stop and rewind
Take my brain out and write down all I find
So every room is full of this intricate design!

In this, my perfect world, I find no one to stop me
Not a single soul can ever, the things I've built, see 
And, on the tip of my tongue, is ever present glory
Looking on in wonder at this vision of ecstasy!

My creation is mine own and this world mine own creation
If I deem it impossible to meet it, no one ever shall see this nation
For I have built it with mine own two hands and formed the foundation
By my own work I've created an entire world of eternal liberation!

So in my dreams I dream of dreamers dreaming of my dreams
But instead of the thoughts that fill my head, their own burst at the seams
And with my dreams within their dreams they dream of dreaming streams
Streams of gold and lilac sunshine on the world's face as it beams ...

So forget the world with all it's woes, lies and alibis
Instead dream dreams and believe in all you fantasize 
For you will bring it all to life through your very own eyes
So, my dear, dream dreams of symphonies you will bring alive!


"We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams."
-Willy Wonka (1971)

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