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The Haunted House Art Contest

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Happy Fall Yall! And welcome to the season of spook! It’s the perfect time to unleash your inner creepies 🕷️ 🕸️  For that, we’ve devised this, the second contest of the season 🎃

Here, your ideas will be unleashed, giving form to a spooktacular event! The Haunted House Art Contest will feature three categories:

  • Most Spooky - Seshi’s Pick
  •  Most Original - Which haunted house stood out the most?
  • Most Colorful - Who entered the house with the most color?

There will be 3 winners chosen in these differing categories, so don’t worry if you aren’t the best at this type of challenge - it will be judged according to creativity, originality, and spookiness! So just have fun!!! And think about all the fun things you’ll be able to buy in the shop with your new points. We will be awarding 1,000 to each winner.

As a bonus, and In order to commemorate this event, each participant will be awarded a spooky badge to display with your trophies and medals... Ooh shiny! 

  • Contest Deadline will be October 20th
  • Please enter your submissions here by replying to this thread
  • Entries must be of a haunted house of your own creation. Additional details are up to you.


~Keep it Spooky!~

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What would a submission look like? Are we looking for a floor map or a view from the outside? Would it be several pictures detailing features in a haunted house? 

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@Wedgy those are creative ideas! I think you could do one from the inside view of a haunted house. That would be cool.

I was imagining entries like this...


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