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Isn't She Perfect?

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Isn't She Perfect?


It's a cold, cold day in late, late fall
And you look so pretty walkin' through the mall
Hair let down past your waist, your high heels makin' you tall
And I can't help but think about everything I love about you, I love it all!

You long hair curled around your finger as you talk with your friend
Laughin' like you're an angel and I hope that beautiful smile never has to end
'Cause you look so beautiful, rosy cheeks, a beauty I can't even comprehend
And I know you're perfect in every single way, 'cause you're the perfect girlfriend

And every time I see you, I can't help but stare
'Cause you always look so pretty and it just isn't fair
It's like God sent down an angel who walks on air
So perfect, so beautiful, you answer every prayer

And someday I hope to have a child with you, my dear
I know you'd make the perfect mother, I can tell from here
And I know someday we'll be married and I'll cry when you come near
'Cause I know you'll look so pretty, all in white, so perfectly pure and clear

Yeah, it's a cold, cold day in late, late fall
And you look so pretty walkin' through the mall
With your high heels makin' you look so tall
And I just know it's my name, not his, you're going to call ...

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