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Dangerous Game.

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Dangerous Game


It's a dangerous game we play
Up late at night when no one's awake
Yeah, it's a dangerous game to stay
This close to you when we might break
And it's a dangerous game to look your way
When I know we're both hiding, so fake
Yeah, it's a dangerous game for us to lay
Under the stars, back of your car, beside the lake ...
What a dangerous game, but I can't stay away
When you look at me like that, I begin to shake
And even though it's a dangerous game we say,
"Nobody can catch us if we make it back by daybreak."
What a dangerous game we play in the middle of the day
And sometimes it's too hard to wait, oops, my mistake
'Cause this dangerous game is starting to weigh
On my heart, my lungs, causing this headache
And this dangerous game may just get us today
And I swear, I hope this doesn't end in heartbreak
'Cause this dangerous game feels like a holiday
When you're the one I see right when I awake
And in this dangerous game we're no longer targets or prey
When we're in the back of your car, we don't have to hit the brake
'Cause in this dangerous game you get my mind back on that hallway
Before your puffin' on a cigarette like you need the smokey intake
Yeah, in this dangerous game you live like such a castaway
That the smoke makes your lips taste like an earthquake
'Cause in this dangerous game you make my earth sway
Every time you look at me like you have to do a double take ...

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