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Halloween Treats


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When this season rolls around, what are your favorite treats?

Do you make any of your own?

Last year I had a blast trying a bunch of Harry Potter Halloween treats, including my favorite drink from the series - butterbeer!

But I would have to say I'm a bit lacking in a special halloween treat to share for the season. I think a bit of candied popcorn or fudge would be a simple treat to whip up. What are your favorite halloween treats to share?

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First, Butterbeer is the nectar o' the Gawds! 

Second, I love more savory snacks like salty pretzels or just really good cheese & fruit boards that are pretty easy to put together. But if I'm getting candy to give out I try to get some of those mixed variety bags & then throw in a few bags of Snickers, Butterfingers, Starbursts, & Sour War Heads. 

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I’ve always wanted to make a chocolate haunted castle for Halloween! (Like gingerbread, but with a chocolate dough instead)

Lately I’ve been seriously thinking about starting to experiment now, so then I can finally attempt it once Halloween rolls around. 

A ghost train might be pretty fun too….

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I love Butterbeer too lol ~ I love when it starts to get cold and I think Halloween is my favorite time of year and holiday. 
I love those Reese's pumpkins that come out. I like decorating Halloween cupcakes and cookies too. 

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