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Your Character vs Character(s) Above

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So let's get to rapping and stuff. I'll start. You don't need to put a lot of effort into these verses but you can if you want.


I'm the Hinata Hyuuga from the Road to Ninja.

I make my cannon counterpart look like crap.

I got the looks and the attitude to match.

To me, Hinata Hyuuga of the cannon is a fangirl and a stalker as well.

She's too shy to be a Hyuuga.

My father past away but my mother would've kicked her out of the clan with her timidness.

I'm the best Princess in the Fictional World.

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Bring it: 

There are many important woman in the shinnobi world. 

Many ladies and heroines who's people follow the call. 

but my edgy, slutty, stupid one off kage bushin. 

Couldn't beat me in a battle, honey, I give the Hokage a blushin.

Resultado de imagen para angry hinata mom

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You are right on one thing that's 

There are many important woman in the shinnobi world but you are not one.

Without that Scarf jutsu you put your hubby to. 

You marriage is base on guilty trip. 

We shouldn't call it cannon cause you never get shot without your Scarf jutsu.

I wonder if Naruto truly love you or you just brainwashed him in that stupid Scarf jutsu.

Call me Itachi Hyuuga cause i'll be the one who murder your whole clan.

I thought you wannabe a heiress not a house maid.

If you wanted to be house maid. You should've stay in the clan.

I'm a NaruSaku shipper heck even Shion would be better than you. Stalker.

You never care about your clan like you say you do.

You are the true villain of the Cannon in my book.

I'll put you in fan girl bingo book were you should be.

You think you are the most powerful?

The only things I need is a spider web or a rock to defeat.

I don't mean Rock Lee.

You are a sad Hyuuga.

If you were a true Hyuuga you would face off like real kunoichi. 

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