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I feel like I've lived a million years but my card says seventeen
And I feel like I've seen you before but maybe it was just a dream
'Cause even though I remember your name maybe it's just a scene
I made up in my head when I was lonely ... lonely on the balance beam
But then again I feel like I've said your name before, under covers when I was nineteen
Nineteen? Can't be, I've only lived seventeen years, see, it says so right here in my bloodstream
And I know we couldn't have met 'cause you say you've been sick since you were in between
And you couldn't have made it out of the hospital, not even with the best darn scheme
But, still, in my bones, every day, I feel like I've touched your hair while we were in the limousine
You looked so nervous on the way to the prom even though you fit the "Beauty Queen" theme
And I knew right then and right there I wanted to marry you with a wedding like the ones on the silver screen
And when I think about it hard enough I can kind of remember sitting outside in the middle of a daydream
And you came up to me, smile so wide, you looked so darn pretty and said, "My name's Jean.
It's real nice to meet ya, I don't mean to keep ya, but would you like to be on my team?"
So we played all day and your skirts got all muddy but you still looked as elegant as a queen
And when you went home that night I remember, I was sitting in my room late December gleam
And I couldn't forget the way your eyes lit up like the 4th of July when you said you were a year older than my fourteen
But now that I recall I'm a year older than you, June ... can't be! I vividly remember you bathed in a moonbeam
Hair tied up with curls framing your face, freckles on your nose not a single one out of place, something I've never unseen
So how then, tell me, how can this be? You're a year younger than me? Sick in your room with a sickness so extreme
You can't leave the hospital for a second. Where did this go wrong? Tell me, who changed the leaves? They're no longer evergreen ...
Now I'm sitting on your bed, my hand on your head, watching your eyes tear up and you light up like a sunbeam
"Marco ... is that you?" And I feel my heart tear in two, why does that name sound so familiar? Is this simply routine? 
"Jean?" I whisper, my lips trembling with the effort and I feel like I might scream
Seeing you their, your name unknown to me, I feel like I'm next up for the guillotine
"I knew it," you whisper, your voice so soft, "I knew you'd come back!" you say all agleam
And I can't manage to do anything but cry as my shoulders shake and I feel like I swallowed gasoline
"Don't cry," you smiles and though it's weak it calms my soul, "I know we'll meet downstream
And when I see your smile, next time we meet, no sickness, death or things unforeseen
Will have the power to keep me away from you, for I will break out midstream
If that is what it takes to live a life with you, in love, like when we were nineteen."

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