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Pillowy soft
Neon signs
City loft
It all aligns ...

Watching the rain come down like it's about to thunder
But there's no way either of us are going under
'Cause a little lighting never hurt anyone
And you've got the marks to show it, you son-of-a-gun!

Fingers circling skin lit up by the night sky
Everything and everyone has a time to die
But in this moment, we own it, and death won't get by
'Cause lighting doesn't strike twice unless we get high

I'm busy in the bedroom fluffing pillows for tonight
And you're busy in the kitchen trying to get dinner just right
'Cause we've been in bed all day just taking in the sight
Of you, of me, of each other snuggled up all cozy tight

Neon signs cast shadows on the walls
Reminds me of horror tales about halls
Haunted by ghosts and caterwauls
That send shivers to the heart as it stalls

The sight, so haunting, looks gorgeous on you
And I wouldn't trade this city for a million or two
'Cause money can't buy the things we've gone through
In this city and it's alleys, all the fantasies we've made true

Sitting in your soft bed with my feet off the floor
Dangling 'cause I'm too small to reach anymore
And you're standing in the kitchen, back to the door
And I wonder if you know how long I'll love you for

'Cause every time I stand on tip-toes just to kiss your cheek
You smile like an idiot and tease me about it for a week
But when we're hiding in alleys and trying to sneak
Your lips are sealed like you'd die if you even made a squeak

Like the lightning pattern on your skin
I think that's about as far as I've fallen in
Two become one, lightning for the win
'Cause you set my skin on fire with a simple grin

Neon signs
Electric lights
Everything aligns
In neon light nights.

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