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Anime like hunter x hunter with super powers



you know how hunter x hunter has a way of making the fights super technical and SMART as well as filled with super natural things and super powers? I'm trying to find an anime like that but i havent been able to!

Growing up, Naruto gave me similar vibes, the fights also had depth and intellect and strategies within strategies all being explained while they tell you what the characters are thinking. 

Most fighting animes dont have that and thats mainly why i LOVE hunter x hunter so much. If anyone knows any similar animes please share! unh

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Hey Zeno, do you have an anime list account you can link? It would be helpful to see what you've seen.

I think you might like Yuu Yuu Hakusho, it has very similar theme, feel and fighting. Plus the tournament arc was better here than in HxH.

Claymore, it has epic fights.

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) always explains the characters thinking but also keeps you wondering what's next, or exposes something new in the characters development and a very intriguing plot that remains complex.

Bit of an offshoot, but I just saw that you tagged martial arts, so I'd like to recommend Histories Mightiest Disciple Kenichi. Hajime no ippo is great too. Check em out

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Hey @Seshi


Thanks for the animes! i watched demon slayer and loved it! As for Yu Yu Hakusho i found it too old (the production feels so old didnt get pulled into it :/ although i love that type of anime.), should i watch it you think its worth it? Also started Claymore loving it so far 3 episodes. I like martial arts but prefer the super natural elements more :D. I updated my profile's favorite annimes so you can see what ive seen. If you have any more suggestions please share!

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