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136                                                                            Friendship, Folly and the Search for Acceptance: My Decision: Fourth Chapter


Chapter 4: My Decision


He's a friend, who sticks with you till the end.

He's a friend who's loyalty does not bend. 

He's a friend who's shoulder is always wet. 

Yes, he's a friend you'd never forget. 


He's a friends who waits for you till the end. 

He's a friend who does not condescend. 

He's a friend who'll for you catch others in his net. 

Yes, he's a friend you'd never repent. 


He's a friend who see's the best in others. 

He's a friend who forgives you're failures. 

He's a friend who writes birthday letters. 

Yes, he's the friend you'd wish for in you're prayers.


He's a friend who best see's through shutters.

He's a friend who to protect you plays pretend. 

He's a friend respecting of his elders. 

Yet, he's the friend you curse with you're tears.


He's a friend devoted to life. 

He's a friend trying to stay in touch. 

He's a friend devoid of all strife. 

Yet, what can be said of such? 


He's a friend devoted to you. 

He's a friend from you, but a touch.

He's a friend devoid of all life. 

Yes, what must be said of such? 


Two friends, one mind. 

Two hands, outstretched but one time. 

Two voices, one line. 

Two choices, one rhyme. 


Goodbyes are overrated, hello's overstated. 

Living friends overexaggerated, corpses underappreciated. 

Pray for the damaged? I say pray for the damned. 

Fasten your corsage and into hell walk, hand in hand. 


I've taken for myself a final stand. 

Created from happiness my own brand. 

Idealism is fascism and this poem narcissism. 

And through true is the above, you envy her don't you? 


-Friendship, folly and the Search for Acceptance: My Decision. Fourth Chapter. Chrysanthymum M.W. 1994. Ed. Death. Unpublished. 

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