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What do you Dislike about Current Anime

Illusion of Terra

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I think anime has gone the way of most other artistic mediums, music especially. The increased production of different shows, movies, OVA's, etc means that the field gets saturated with crap. That doesn't mean that there's any less GOOD anime out there (in fact, there's probably more), it just seems like there isn't because it's part of an even bigger pool.

We also only tend to remember the good shows from the past, and there were definitely shows back in the 80s and 90s that were as garbage as any fan service-filled, dilluted isekai harem from today. 

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This is more about the fandom than the actual medium itself, but I dislike the concept of "seasonal waifus". Way too many good waifus are forgotten after their series is finished airing. Sometimes it literally makes me cry because I feel so sorry for them being treated as "disposable". Yeah I know they're not real, but I tend to project my own feelings onto them  

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