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Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss


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The pilots for Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss came out a little while ago now. I was just wondering if anyone else has scene them, and what your opinion on them is. There's been a bit of controversy around it, so it'll be really interesting to hear your guys' opinions on it.


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I was actually fairly impressed by Hazbin Hotel especially from a visual & OST standpoint. I’m not really a subscriber to the being edgy is the same as being funny philisophy, but given that it takes place in hell there’s at least some justification for it. And have to admit some of Angel Dust’s quips  actually made me chuckle. And Alastor seems like a completely skeevy arch villain. Plus Charlie’s optimism makes me think there could be at least some heart under all the profanity & sex/drug jokes.

Can’t say the same for Helluvaboss. Pretty much entirely “certain people will be offended so that automatically makes it funny”. Seems like it will be pretty episodic too. To be fair, I think it’s at least better quality than Invader Zim (though that’s not exactly high praise from me) Doubt I’ll follow this one because would probably get tedious quickly for me

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I checked out the pilot for Hazbin Hotel recently. It's visually pleasing, but I actually wasn't interested in it otherwise, so I doubt I would watch more of it. I might check out Helluva Boss at some point, but I'm not sure

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