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Looking for the next big one.



Realtively new to anime, so I am looking for some inspiration in animes and anime streaming services. Currently I have Netflix, Wakanim and Crunchyroll.

Favorites this far is:

Death Note, Attack on Titan, The Seven Deadly Sins and Sword Art Online.

Looking for similar type of series. A little dark, fight for survival, but strong characters who has strong bonds with eachother.

Particulary fond of characters as: Mikasa, Levi, Annie, Ymir and Eren from AoT, L from Death Note, Meliodas and Ban from 7DS, and Kiroto, Asuna, Shugu from SAO.

Have made an attempt on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, but I just can't be bothered to watch more than the first episode because of the whole Chibi situation and I feel like the characters and the "mood" is a little to juvenile and cheerfull for that type of show. Is this show going to get better? I feel such a pressure from all the fanboys of this show so my attitude has become "meh."

Looking for some with high quality storyline 4-6 seasons. But if there is a show with hundreds of episode which is bingeable and is quality troughout I'll gladly take reccomendations.

Please give a little description of the show especially if it is a must watch that isn't what I have requested.

But hey be my guest reccomend what you feel. 😀


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Quite specific things you are looking for 😂 Generally I don't think there will be too many 'shounen-like' anime with around 5 seasons that are kinda similar to what you have mentioned. There are of course the ones that are huge such as One Piece but they usually have quite a few filler episodes.


Here are three that just came to mind, with some vague descriptions. I don't enjoy dark anime all that much, so they all might be too 'upbeat' for your taste.


Hunter x Hunter. A kid thought his parents were dead but hears that his dad was still alive and was a great 'hunter' (something like people with special skills). He decides to become a hunter himself and find his dad, and on the way meets others who want to become hunters each with their own ability.
It might be too upbeat at times for your taste maybe (especially since the protagonist is a kid), but it is quite serious in general.

Yu Yu Hakusho. Rather old show where the main character is a delinquent who dies in the first episode but is offered life in exchange for working to beat supernatural beings. He then ventures on to fight more and more powerful foes.
This can be silly at times, especially in the beginning, so not sure how well it fits.

Maybe also, My Hero Academia. This is quite popular right now and is still running in its fourth season. It's about a world where people have super powers (quirks) but the protagonist doesn't really have one. He gets one and learns that the strongest superhero is losing his powers, and someone will have to fight the villains.
This is not that serious overall, but it gets quite serious at times.

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Can’t honestly think of anything that checks all your boxes (especially the length) but will toss out some that might entertain you awhile.

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) - a boys mother & siblings are slaughtered by demons and his surviving sister is no longer entirely human as a result. He sets out on a quest to try and change her back. Awesomely animated fight sequences with some scenes of extreme violence. However some of the supporting characters have very silly (cartoonish at times) characteristics. I fully expected to hate that aspect, but it won me over regardless. Only 26 episodes so far and the continuation will be a movie. Not sure where things will go from there.

The Promised Neverland - a group of children isolated from the outside world learn a sinister secret about the orphanage they live in. Some very dark themes and imagery. The main characters are all children, but that actually makes it feel more tense. Season 1 (12 episodes) is more psychological than anything but may have more action next season (not till October 2020 unfortunately)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - zombie apocalypse in an Eastern steampunk setting. I got a kind of AOT vibe from it. Only 12 episodes  & a movie sequel unfortunately. Not sure if there will be more or not.


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Don't be fooled by the very first episode of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, i suggest you watch atleast the first 5-6 episodes of it. Trust me it's worth it.

Now, since you already watched Death Note, i have to recommend Code Geass and Monster.

Personally, out of the two i prefer Code Geass because it's similar to Death Note in ways, especially if you're looking for those mind games and outsmarting your opponent.

If you're looking for a more dark themed anime then Monster is for you, it has a great story and can be quite eerie.

With that said however all of the above have less than a 100 episodes but they're worth watching.

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