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Re: Zero Respawn is true according to quantum physics

Big Boar

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I just watched and finished Re:Zero. It's such a great anime, and what's fascinating is the ability to "Respawn" each time the boy dies. If you are familiar with quantum physics particularly the many world's interpretation which is a deep science of existence, respawing from dead is real. The only difference is you don't bring memories from other  reality like that boy does, but you could get hints like de-javu the feeling of "this already happened even twice" which I already experience some times. Anyone believe in this? In fact The daughter of scientist who propose Many world's interpretation/parallel universe (I forgot his name but his family name is Schrödinger) sadly killed herself just to meet her deceased dad on another reality.... I think this is where the anime creator gets his idea. And if it's real good thing we don't remember, because it would drive people mad, but if we remember, we could control the events that is about to happen.

This video tell the "ways" how to go to another reality based on quantum physics


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