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Video Streaming (Netflix/Disney+/etc.)


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What streaming services do you use and what are you currently watching?

We've got Netflix, which is our main source of entertainment. Lately we've been watching Carole & Tuesday, Final Space, The Dragon Prince, and Castlevania, as well as some other shows here and there. I'm also waiting for the next season of Dead to Me, and I'm curious how they're going to continue in the next season of Russian Doll. 

We share a Disney+ account with my boyfriend's dad. We plan to continue watch The Mandalorian (we're on episode three I believe) and it's great to just throw on some old cartoons in the background. Sometime soon, we also plan to watch aaaaalllll of the Star Wars stuff. I've only seen the original six movies once and I've been wanting to watch them again. But we though it'd be fun to watch all the shows and stuff in between as well.

I've browsed through Amazon Prime and even borrowed my mum's account to give Man in The High Castle a try (a lot of the filming for it was done where I live), but there's not really anything on there for us, so we gave it a pass. 

Aaaand, I've also been thinking about eventually getting Crunchyroll account, but that won't be for a long while yet. We have plenty of things to keep us entertained for now, as well as *ahem* other sources for our anime in the meantime haha.

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Currently watching? Oh gosh, so much... as for services, I use Netflix and VRV, and TubiTv, and prime. And RetroCrush. My tv has google on it so technically you can watch stuff like VRV and TubiTV on the tv and not just a computer. 

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Crunchyroll and Netflix are my two subscription services for streaming. I am currently watching One Piece and Yugioh VRAINS on Crunchyroll and Black Mirror on Netflix.  I don't think I need any other streaming services, as I probably don't even fully utilize the two which I already have. 

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Free time is a problem for me but I did get a chance to binge-finish Ascendance of a bookworm, 8th son, and Next Life as a Villianess this weekend, but that was mostly just because of the holiday here in the States.  I even grabbed one called Netsuzou Trap, mostly because it was short - 8min x 12ep - and I had a small slice of time unexpectedly free early Sunday morning.  That's kind of rare for me though.

All of these were Crunch btw, though I do visit netlfix occasionally as well.

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I have a crap ton of streaming subscriptions, lol. I'll name off the series I can remember that I'm watching, lol. 

Netflix: Witcher (Waiting patiently for season 2), 13 Reasons Why, TWD, Orange Is The New Black, That 70's Show, Pokemon Journeys, Food Wars, Beast Stars

Hulu: America's Next Top Model, Family Guy, Vikings, Family Matters, Law & Order: SVU, Kitchen Nightmares, Forged In Fire, Rick and Morty, SOA

Disney +: The Mandalorian (waiting for season 2), Timon & Pumbaa (the old TV show) and a bunch of Disney movies in general.

FUNimation: DBZ Super, Venus V.S. Virus, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia

Crunchyroll: Fruits Basket 


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