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Title: I Love (You) Poetry

"I want to write poetry". Such an inquisitive moment but I remember it so well, the warmth of the words, the paper, that smell...

It was like nature was greeting me personally, calling me by name ever so calmly and presenting an outlet to present joy, fear and pain... 

A tag on which to inscribe my name. 

I feel that same warmth to this very day, it's a start in the heart that dances softly across the spine; an inspiration all mine. 

I don't need to think about the words and neither do you, just allow the music in your soul to surge through you. 

Sweater to big for my little arms, slippers too loose around my ankles, blanket wrapped just right around my snug body,

I feel just like a child snuggled up close with his mommy. 

The day will come, when you'll feel the warmth of an open log furnace, an embrace from a sincere face and maybe even...

That strangely familiar heat of inspiration, like holding the hand of your crush for the first time; 

You don't need to look her in the eyes, just allow her warmth to cure you're nerves and pick up the pencil. 

I want to hear you're ideas, I want to look at your mind, I just hope you don't mind; I know I'd love what I'd find. 

So don't be afraid, just open up, you might even surprise yourself. 

I love you, love yourself and always remember, don't let anybody else dictate how creative YOU can be. 


Stay positive whoever you are, you're priceless; here's a playlist of all the songs that make me feel warm, happy and inspired. 




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