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Anybody reading Solo Leveling?

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What is Solo Leveling all about?




Since a portal connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds appeared, some people have acquired powers and the ability to hunt them: they are called hunters. The protagonist of the story, Sung Jin-Woo, is the weakest of the rank E hunters and barely stronger than a normal human. He is nicknamed by his fellow hunters as "the weakest". One day, he and other hunters find themselves trapped in an extremely dangerous dungeon, and only a few of them survive and manage to escape. Sung Jin-Woo himself hardly survives and is the only one who completes all the trials in this dungeon. He then turns into a "player" who can now see an interface showing him quests. Will he succeed in becoming the most powerful hunter?

source: wikipedia



Apparently its pretty popular among manga readers so what you guys think? What is your general opinion concerning manhwa? 



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Overall, I'd say I am enjoying the series. Catching up to the current release doesn't take very long and the art is generally appealing. After chapter 86 I did swap over to the LN but I do reread it every 2 months and they stick to the LN pretty well so I'd say it is worth the read.

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