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Sweet Devil


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Title: Sweet Devil


As you walk you are bombarded with: pictures of ecstasy, rumors of obscenity 

and as you run towards visions of serenity you are only bombarded still...

And that face, unblinking as if frozen in time hanging onto this one rhyme, it haunts you.

Sweet devil. 

One hand on the bible and the other in the cookie jar, how did you get this far?

House in denial, you're pain's gone viral, how are you living now?

It's time to put yourself on trial.

Would you take a stranger home, hold them down until they moan?

Its not a hard question so what's with that tone? I wonder...

Would you sit down in a club and throw you're money to the dancer? 

Please, sir, answer, its impossible to deny a stance here. 

Would you blame the victim for her choice of clothing? 

Oh, now what's with that look of self-loathing? 

Sweet devil. 

You say, "no", every time, but you lie, live an ideal for this rhyme and they cry.

"But young men just wont do, they'll turn you black and blue, 

they'll break you're heart in two and go away laughing as they do". 

sweet devil. 

Its like looking in a mirror, you hate it but its part of you, 

its like looking to the past, present and future. Oh, what will you do?

And these ecstatic images dancing in you're mind, they are only visions slowing the climb.

You're blind to their problems but so protective of hers, what makes the majority inferior and one girl superior?

Sweet devil.

Hypocrisy rules your pitiful life, you warn her of yourself by warning her of them. 

You don't care and you know its true, you'd never give up a piece of ass if you didn't have to.

You can't bear the reality of what you knew. who you'd be, who you were. 

You can't change the present but you sure as hell can put on a mask if you're up to task.

The difference between you and them is you pretend you've changed while they acknowledge they never will.

Sweet devil.

So just go on condemning yourselves, condemning others and playing the hero, 

just go on condemning your past while hiding your future, the same prerogative.

Just go on and on and on, it just goes on. Why can't you just be good?

You know you should so simply do it. 

Put down the Viagra, can't you think without it?

Weakness controls you, don't you want to quit it?

Sweet devil.

She serves only as an excuse to comfort yourself, 

to tell yourself you're doin' alright, 

because facing you're reality, its an awful sight

and you can put it off just one more night...

On and on and on...




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