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Anime Database Updated


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Hello everyone, well after a short hiatus our lovely AF Anime Database has reopened! This time with some new features.

We will still have all of our members reviews there, and hope that you will continue to seek out your favorites there to give your ratings and reviews. Thanks to our new features your most recent reviews will also be available for viewing on your personal profiles.

Additionally, you will now find that we are enhancing our features using AniDB, allowing us to add our favorite characters to our profiles as well as showing which other AF members share that same character.

The process of adding your favorite characters is done by accessing the anime page tab here and then simply finding your favorite character in the main/ secondary fields and clicking "add to favorites".

While our anime database is still being added to, these updates have allowed for a much more accurate and up to date account of the animes listed. As well as a more streamlined process. So bear with us, @awesomedude20 our Anime Curator will be working diligently to add in the anime titles that are missing. And any requests for specific anime titles you would like to see added for the sake of reviewing or adding favorites should be brought up in his pinned anime database request thread here

I hope you all enjoy the new features, let us know what you think here, or in the feedback forum.


~Your Community Manager

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Hello everyone! Just a quick update here. Our new Anime Page Curator @Musuko has been working tirelessly to get the anime database updated for you all. With the addition of AniDB we are able to add in anime a lot easier than before. Due to this, you should see current anime series being added all the time!

I was very excited to see that some of my favorites from the previous season were added in, and I was able to update my Favorite character list on the Anime page of my profile! =3 

Also, a big thank you to all of the anime reviewers! 

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