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Hello people of Earth


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Hi there. We already have a ghost and a ghostly potato here, so it's great to have an alien as well πŸ˜‚Β 
A tour, let's see. Well, have a look at some of the current topics and share your thoughts on it. Otherwise open a thread of your own if you have an idea. Something I find helpful is the 'Unread Content' button on the top right where it shows new posts (and also the 'mark site as read' at the bottom right so you can remove all of the posts from showing in the unread content and it only shows new ones). What else? You get points for posting and opening topics which you can use for various things such as changing your member status etc.
Also have a look at clubs, blogs and quizzes!

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HI welcome .....Β 

I would recommend you to go to the forums section "Β Rules & A-F User Tutorials "

You can get help there , also , i hope you have fun !



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