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Little short story


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There once was a little mirror.

He was loved by many and disliked by several.

Those who admired him complimented him for showing them the truth. 

But those who didn´t would always get mad.

,,It don´t wanna see what you see. I don´t wanna hear what you think. Show me what I wanna see!´´

So, the little mirror, scared and intimidated, kept quiet.

And he met their expectations. 

And the little mirror showed them all the lies the people wanted to see.

But with each lie, a scratch appeared on his face. Small little scratches.

At first, he brushed it off. 

,,Wounds heal with time. It will be better soon.´´

But when was soon?

Soon, his whole glass pane was no longer a single pane but scattered it many many little pieces.

He was scared.

He didn´t dare to open his eyes. He couldn´t bear it.

Bear the change he went through. 

He was angry. At all the people. Yes, all the people, who told him, whom he´d believed in...

He was angry. At himself. 

He had enough. 

He couldn´bear it anymore. 

He wanted to go back. 

Return time.

To a time, the the scattered mirror used to be a little mirror. 




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