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your own kingdom

Anime loveer

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Purple Snow Kingdom

As for rules:

1. Don't be an a-hole. The golden rule that encompasses most other rules. When you are uncertain whether your actions would be legally and/or socially acceptable, reflect upon this rule. If your actions would make you an a-hole, refrain. 

2. Don't abuse other people in any way. Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse ruin lives.

3. Violence in general is not cool, try to not slaughter others. Exceptions made for self defense.

4. Don't abuse animals, that's not chill.

5. Killing animals without any actual need or reason is also not chill. 

6. The above rules don't apply to millipedes; it is open season on them. Rip and tear until it is done.

7 Respect the property of others.

8. Theft and fraud are not nice, don't do that.

9. Be hygienic. Not washing your hands is a literal crime.

10. Do not take actions that put others at risk. Drunk driving being a good example.





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On 2/26/2020 at 9:24 AM, Anime loveer said:

If you own a kingdom ,what will it be called ?

and if you can only assign ten rules for the people to follow ... what ten should it be ? is that whats most important ?

Sylphie High



rules of regulation of the kingdom of Pseudomae

1.) your free to be formal to the king of the kingdom (no bowing onto knees, and all that crap)

2.) either you practice CLAYGO, or you GO 

3.) excessive nature killing (e.g woodcutting, animal poachers, etc) may or may not get a free trip to heaven/hell

4.) molestation, be it male or female, would be deemed liable to see the judge and jail cell

5.) discrimination will not be allowed in this kingdom, be he a tentacle monster that could break rule#4, or a succubus who could clearly break rule#4

6.) no loud sounds in public areas, unless festive events happen

7.) everyone is allowed to bring a weapon -- non-sharp weapons/non-lethal weapon, just blunt ones, (e.g. a bat, a metal that is not pointy), and it must include a sheathe duly accredited by the blacksmith of the town (non-accredited ones may or may not be penalized with a month of serving under the kingdom to clean the streets)

8.) enslavement is greatly discouraged -- but it is allowed to do so, but upon finding out that the slave is being inhumanely handled, the owner may or may not recieve a death penalty

9.) healthcare is greatly lowered in this kingdom, aslong as you request for a plea of help in the kingdom of Pseudomae

10.)Ncov-19 is not allowed in this kingdom (dont worry, it doesnt break rule5, they are after all, not eukaryotic, thus not humanoid/monster-ish, they are just virus >.>)

[though, im just assuming monsters are eukaryotic..soo..>.>...]

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