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Well hello there


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It's been quite some time since I've been here, how is everyone doing.

To update those who might remember me, I've got a new group of fiends (who are awesome) we play a lot of league, DnD and other games together on the weekends, I am a fully trained and certified Safety officer and I vape now (I'm sorry).

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8 hours ago, Illusion of Terra said:

friends to play with a great, but even greater are fiends 😂 Seriously though, @Wedgy might remember you since she is the unofficial Anime Forums historian 😂 

Great to see that you have an active friend group though!

Nah but they really are great, they recently kidnapped one of my guitars to have it restored which cost them quite a bit.

my older friend group is more into narcotics and that sort of thing, so I'm trying to stay away from doing that stuff again. and its been working for the past 5/6 years so I'm happy.

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