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How's your toilet paper?


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@The History Kid I think that's true for the staunch anti-vaccine people who are convinced that vaccines cause autism. some people like some flat earthers would probably not be convinced even if they would fly out to space and see earth themselves.

But maybe those who just didn't bother vaccinating and are not really anti vaccine might reconsider now. maybe not though, but I'd be interested if someone would make a study on this

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the hoarding of TP is unwarranted - COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, YOU WILL NOT SHIT YOUR BRAINS OUT!! LOL

my roommate and i have 12 rolls left and are using it sparingly but also aren't worried the shelves will eventually refill and people who bought more than they can stash away in their houses will feel very silly soon.

most ridiculous thing i saw was a lady with TWELVE gallons of milk in her cart at the checkout XD like, what!? how can you possibly use all of that even if all you eat is cereal??? panic does such strange things

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This is really insane. Tp here is pretty good, they are rationing it but we (pre-virus) buy 20-ish rolls at a time so we only have to re-stock every three or four weeks anyway. When this hit we had just bought a new batch so we’re good. The weirdest thing I’ve seen? I dunno. Everything is pretty normal, and, as I mentioned in my blog, I’m not really anxious about this.

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