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Do you have any video game screenshots or captures that you would like to share? Some years ago I did an experiment with Gaming Photography and it's something I've been dabbling in occasionally. It's nice to stop and appreciate the technology and visual work that goes into games. There's a lot of surprising moments as well. Character reactions, the sense of environment, animation and graphic comparisons. I've actually found a lot more engagement, detail and liveliness with cityscapes in some older games. Screens of information, glitches, interesting facts—anything! As long as it's respectable to the forum that is. 😁 

Love a lot of the work that went into Vampyr. It's got a great narrative but little gems of artwork that set the mood as well.


There's way too much fun in reading the Spider-Man social media wall in Marvel's Spider-Man. 


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Added Gaming Photography to the image galleries. :) 


Anyone is welcome to it. 👍

Visiting the Galilei Space Center because it's what you do in quarantine. 😆



I'm finding the Watch Dogs 2 cityscapes more thriving and beautiful than Marvel's Spider-Man. 🤔

T-Bone and Jordi are my main reasons for this game but damn, can I spend a long time exploring this impressive city.

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Are you capturing all your pictures on a PC? Cause those look pretty amazing. I mean besides some minor anti-aliasing issues, they look phenomenal. Especially the first picture of  the Galilei Space Center.

I just picked up Metro Exodus and I gotta say. The game looks gorgeous. I only started playing the game yet there's so much things to admire its crazy. I can legitimately move my mouse at any random direction and screenshot it to make any half decent wallpaper. 

That image was taken with RTX off. As sad as it sounds, I fakking can't tell the difference between RTX on or off in any games I've played so far. that support the feature. Might just be my monkey brain not working right to be honest.

btw love the watch dogs pictures 9/10 would put up my wall and tell ppl its worth millions




just played black desert online today. game looks fucking amazing



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