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Help: Old Anime That I Can't Find


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I've been searching for an old anime that I once watched long ago - around the same time in which Armitage III was still being shown (I was able to find that anime, and now I'm looking for the other one that I watched around that same time) - I want to say 2005-06?

The general scheme I recall about this anime was there were military personnel working with scientists that were trying to stop these huge spectral-like monsters that could basically float and fly anywhere. The monsters could pass through any solid objects, and when they passed through the human soldiers they would die instantly. 

There's two scenes that I remember distinctly:

1.  A group of soldiers were going out on a mission in a cargo plane - there were these very long spectral monsters whizzing by in the distance - the pilots were trying to avoid them. Cut scene to one of the spectral monsters just going right through the cargo plane - leaving it physically unharmed but instantly killing the soldiers it phased through. It wasn't so much messy but the soldiers definitely died painfully!

2. In another scene, a special group of soldiers are coming back from a mission - upon their return, each of the soldiers are checked for whether or not they contain traces of the spectral monsters they fought against - one soldier was indeed feeling unwell and was placed into a sci-fi surgical table - a machine was then operated on by another scientist who was searching for and eliminating the traces of whatever this thing was from the soldier's body. They had to sift around quite a bit in order to find and destroy the foreign entity, each second passing bringing the soldier closer to his body's breaking point.


I apologize if this is hard to describe, and whether its appropriate to just ask for help this way.


If anyone has any good tips on searching through sci-fi anime from back in those days, I would really appreciate it!

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