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Post your anime t Shirts or figures

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I was looking on the fourm for a topic like this but nobody has done this before so I thought to make a topic like this I know this may seem pointless but im baord so yeah here is my shirt collection so far

Btw I do have a Miku figure but I don't have a picture of that right now

Plus it doesn't have to be shirts like this it can be anything that you have 

Plus figures can be anything too





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I have figurine wise: All Might, Deku, Bakugo & Ichigo statue and plush toy. I also have a few gaming ones as well.

TShirt wise, I have - All Might, Astro Boy, Ajin, Space Dandy, 2 Dragonball Z, im sure there are a few others but cant grab pics atm sadly!

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i dont have a picture right now but i have many figures. my favourite ones are luffy's gear 4 and wonder woman. i usually get them online and have a glass showcase to display them. 😝

ill be sure to post a picture sometime too. after all its one of the only things im proud of in life lmao. honestly icant figure out how to add images in this post 😅😅

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With spring/summer coming soon, bought this today



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