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Reverse Isekai Art Contest


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8 hours ago, Shejoestar said:

I'm interested in the topic. I'm sorry for the low quality. I tried. 😄

Soo pretty!!!!

PS. I love your signature :3

also, totally followed you because your art is amazing :D (couldn't resist LOL)

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On 3/25/2020 at 12:43 AM, Seshi said:


If you'd like to participate, do so by replying to this thread with your entry no later than April 15th.

ah poopie pants

i didn't notice this thread, and its april 14th, unsure if i can make my art by tomorrow (couse i have no feels to draw at the moment)

ill be rooting to winners >.>

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12 minutes ago, XII360 said:


i managed to finish drawing one xD

here is my submition submission



have you ever drawn so hard that you forgot how to spell submission >.>

i have, just now, my brain went poop on me <_>


Its cute :)

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8 hours ago, Nyxnine said:

Have run out of time, so no coloring. 

I plan to fix this up for my own personal gallery. But, for now I at least can enter something XD

Like I said, glad these events take place because it allows us to be creative and gives us all a challenge. Thank you for adding it @Seshi<3


@Nyxnine Its great , really good

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Hey everyone! Its almost time get ready for the voting portion of this creative contest!


During the remainder of this day you may submit any new entries. Just get them in by ~10pm EST. That is when I will be locking the thread, and tomorrow our community voting will commence =3

Have a great day~ 

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