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Haikyu!!! Final Arc

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Hello everyone! So I am currently reading Haikyuu on mangazone and it bothers me that Kageyama and Hinata parted ways. I cannot imagined that Karusono's story has pretty much ended. The timeskip kinda gives the vibes of letting go and saying goodbye to your friendships. It's lacking. The timeskip, the growth development that wasn't able to show, the story behind everything. What do you think about it?

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So I really liked the way Haikyuu ended, actually (ending spoilers ahead): 



So the thing with having the timeskip is that it guaranteed that all of our favourite characters would remain relevant and Hinata/Kageyama would be able to play with/against them. Playing Nekoma without Kuroo and Yaku, Fukurodani without Bokuto, Shiratorizawa without Ushiwaka etc. would have gotten stale. I thought the final arc was really good, and it tied together a lot of the plotlines and themes from the story really well, and wrapped up the character arcs in a way that was satisfying, but not as if their lives were going to end the moment the manga finished. And the Olympics bit in the final chapter was a really nice touch as well (they even delayed it by a year to reflect the pandemic, which was a very weird little thing to make canon)


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