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Is there an Android APP for AF?


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6 hours ago, Mikeyboy636 said:

Hi All,

Is there an Android app I can use to have this forum on or is it only accessible via web page etc. Just curious as most use my phone and only usually boot my PC up for gaming and not much else


nope, sadly, i asked this question before when i started aswell, but making an app, and maintaining it would be too hard and not exactly cost-efficient

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I have previously - and continue to be a proponent for adding AF to at least Tapatalk.  The reliability and sustainability of the IPS app that keeps getting touted for the forum software is too flimsy for me to be interested in putting much stock into it.  Not to mention, the mobile browsing experience on a mobile browser is par at best.  Hopefully, that'll get added at some point.

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