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Hello, nice to meet u! Here’s a bit about me


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Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here 😁

Yeah, I personally feel restricting yourself to just “popular” series means you miss out on a lot of enjoyable series that fly under most people’s radar. Besides everyone has different tastes & anime is diverse enough to have something that appeals to anyone. I do think I need to be a bit more sekective. Lately I’ve been watching 15 - 20 ongoing series per season which doesn’t give me much time to work on my backlog list :P

I used to hike quite a bit when I lived in the country, but not so much now. Would probably be beneficial to start again.

Anyway, hope you find enough to interest you here that you stick around.

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Welcome to AF!

That's awesome you aren't restrained to new shows (seeing how you got into anime 2 years ago) having a wide variety of shows is great!

I love hiking and drawing as well :)

Do you draw traditionally or use a computer? 

Today I visited the mountains but wasn't able to hike. We have a lot of rules right now stopping people from entering parks haha but, I love summit hiking and have joined a few friends rock climbing. That being said, heights freak me out and I prefer wall climbing and not being on a cliff. 

Anyways, enjoy your time here! There are a lot of awesome people to meet so have fun! :)

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Greetings, @OtakuKid, and welcome to AF~

I believe the way you are going about watching anime is best; you can miss out on a LOT of good things strictly going with what is considered popular. 

Also I have to ask, which Sakura~? I know of four off the top of my head but my guess is Sakura Haruno from Naruto~

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Welcome to the forums @OtakuKid :)


The wide breadth of anime is definitely the best. I have discovered so many different anime just by impulse watching (Snow White with the Red Hair being one of them. Just surfing through and happened upon it). Hope you enjoy it here :)

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