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The Yangire Shapeshifting Kitty


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Spent 1 minute on this story. Don't expect much from my lazy ass..


There once was a very curious shapeshifting kitty whom loved playing with dangerous things. She was so evil that she had to be abandoned and put up for adoption. The pet shop's owner had the mischievous little demon returned to her countless times. 

*Is awaiting to be adopted by her new owner(s) with a grin on her face*

Kitty's current mood:


Actual mood:



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Ash is a genki boy, with an undiscovered aptitude for magic. He is known for his "good" healing nature.

Although he has no parents, and lives on the streets he is very happy. Often an inspiration to many he meets simply by being around his pure heart.

Ash can often be seen walking the streets near the Yangire pet shop.

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Magic Shop Owner | The Rising of the Shield Hero Wiki | Fandom

One morning Ms. Taijin, the shop owner, was placing some garbage out in the back alleyway when she spotted Ash trying unsuccessfully to shield himself from the pouring rain with a piece of cardboard. 

She didn't know much about him but had seen him around the shop from time to time. He was always polite & she had never heard anything from any of the other shop owners about him ever causing any trouble in the neighborhood. He also reminded her of her nephew. 

She was quite fond of her nephew & couldn't imagine him being stuck out in a storm like this. Since she was a kind-hearted woman & because of the striking resemblance Ash bore to her nephew, she decided to invite Ash into the shop to get out of the rain.

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