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Hello there!

L Lawliet

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GenErAl KEnOBi! You ARe A BolD oNE


Heyo, all of you wonderful people! I'm L. Well, no, that's obviously not my name, but you can call me L. Probably one of the more... uh, younger users. I'm here to make friends with some fellow weebs people that like anime and manga! 

I have a discord account - Switchtype#7300, so... yeah.

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Fair enough lol

I'll enjoy it to the best of my ability though. Maybe I'll actually start doing things so I can finish it in the future instead of... well, stopping in the middle and forgetting about it.

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Not gonna lie, at 55 I'd like to swap physically with someone younger.  However, I do think the next few decades are going to be a lot harder to live through than what I dealt with growing up.  Certainly it seems to me that I had a lot more opportunity in my earlier days & career than young people today have.  A lot fewer rules and a lot more freedom.  Not nearly so much institutionalized predation either.  OTOH, science and technology is doing some awesome things these days.  Unfortunately our politics and social systems have degraded at least as much as our technology has improved.  Definitely not as one-sided a proposition as it might appear at first.

And of course, be careful what you wish for.  The gods just love to meddle in this sort of exchange for their own amusement.  :)

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Your move,

Welcome to the forum, have you been watching the new series of Clone Wars? :P

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