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Yo Everyone!  I'm Giri from India. 

My first anime were Doraemon, Shin Chan and Ninja Hattori. When I was 14, Animax India happened and I started watching Nisekoi, WWW.WORKING,  Seven Deadly Sins etc sadly, it was replaced by a really dumb channel called Sony Yay. I started streaming anime like 1 month ago and I'm here

I've So far completed AoT including all th OVAs 

Yet to watch Tokyo Ghoul re 2

Watching Pokémon sun and moon, one piece, Dragon Ball 

And have watched many other stuff

Favourite Actors:Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel,  Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith,  Nicolas Cage 

Favourite Game: LoZ Skyward Sword 

Favourite movie series: Harry Potter , LoTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars 

Favourite Book series:Alex Rider, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Red Wall

Favourite WWE Diva:  Alexa Bliss 

Favourite Color:Navy Blue

Favourite Album: Divide

Favourite foods: Paratha/Garlic Naan + Kadai paneer,  Pasta, Samosa, 

I'm currently learning Japanese from Duolingo and I can get bits of  Subbed anime. 

Myanimelist username: Captain Giri (Not providing link as it might get filtered as bot spam)

That's it for now, looking forward to meet y'all ;)


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Thanks for the welcome. And Sorry for the late reply.  I just finished Dragon Ball and was watching like 10 episodes a day XD.

I'm confused whether to watch Naruto or DBZ now

I've also found a great horror mangaka called Junji Ito. I'm reading Uzumaki currently.  

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